Every start-up needs a lawyer, just not everyone knows about it and when finds out, it’s often too late. Our advices help to avoid spending time to an illegal or hard to compliant project, avoid various pitfalls along the way, establish relationships between founders and ensure that what you create is actually yours.



We help in choosing the legal form of conducting a startup and creation the agreement between the founders.

Startup is in fact a company and, like any other company, it must have the right form from many available. So if there are two or more founders, then you need a company and contract, without it you don’t really have a company, control over it, or the rules for distributing the profit among you.



Designing the product to comply with the law – inside and outside organization (regulations, GDPR, customer notice, etc.)

A product, especially one based on IT, needs contracts and regulations, privacy policy and GDPR but in fact it requires one thing. Before you create it, it is worth checking if it is legal at all (certain things cannot be sold or produced) or what you need to do to be able to produce and sell it. And if it is based on IT then its frontend, backend, GUI or UX must be designed with a lawyer – otherwise the client or VC will not consider buying it.



Contracts with the team and assurance that the results of its work are the property of the company.

What you build with your team is valuable and deserves to be protected. Why should the competitors know the secrets of your business? It is also worth making sure that the results of the team work belong to the startup. All this is ensured by appropriate contracts with the team and other documents eg. policies.


Day-to-day support

Many things require a contract or legal advice – renting an office, choosing an email provider (GDPR compliant!), VAT registration.

Every day you will encounter problems and challenges. You can try to solve them yourself, or you can let us make sure that your business runs smoothly and various legal “trinkets” do not bother you.


Have a question? Call or write and set up a meeting (RL or online) and ask!