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I am the Techlawyer , new generation of IT lawyers – people which work with law regulating new technologies, especially IT (so called techlaw). I know and understand IT – technologies, algorithms, OS and more. Years of IT passion and working inside technology based projects led me to this point.

Techlawyer. What I do for you?

 I help where normal. non-technical lawyers fail. My role begins where their ends. Communication between Security Officer, CTO, Risk and Legal are my specialty. Thanks to me and my translation from legal to IT language legal and technical teams can understand each other.


Privacy by design 2.0

Mandatory process requiring techlawyer to take part in designing IT solutions. Without it business client shall not buy your product or service, also investor can quit investment.


Service provider audit

Avoid penalties for sub-contractor errors and do not lose a business


Contract for IT solution

We draft, advise and negotiate contracts in the IT industry


Contracts for IT specialists

We advise and draft contracts for specialists like SysOps, DevOps, developers, QA, architects and others


Data Processing Officer

Outsource yours DPO or hire us as member of his/her team


Techlaw support

We provide help in the choice of IT solutions (hardware, software, vendor or service) so that they are fully safe under the law

Privacy by design 2.0

Are you building or ordering a system, program, application, service or infrastructure? Have you heard that the GDPR requires a Privacy by Design 2.0 analysis for each of them? Without such analysis for UTM, e-mail, SaaS, application, etc., you will not be able to demonstrate that you are meeting the requirements of GDPR, even if the solution does not contain personal data.

VC will not invest in the company without Privacy by Design 2.0 and the business client will not buy  your product.

During Privacy by design 2.0:


We check whether the product (service, hardware, software etc.) may contain information that is treated as personal data by law


We verify GDPR compliance inside product


We advise what you have to do to become fully GDPR compliant

IT team contracts

Do you hire IT staff?
Are you sure that what they will create belongs to you?
Have you ever taken into consideration that the laws of each EU country are different?

Do you realize that different types of contracts are subject to different rules? Otherwise, you acquire the copyrights to the code when you hire for an employment contract, differently for a civil law contract and even differently for B2B cooperation.

If you do not include this in your contract and in the way required by law, you may not have any rights to the code, idea or documentation created by your employess.

We help with:


secure rights to code, ideas or documents


legal security of confidential informations


avoid loosing developer in the middle of project


block transfer of your team to competition

IT project contract

Are you signing a contract with Client for IT product or service?


Are you a IT company Client?

Your lawyer doesn’t understand the technical language and you want to make sure the contract is safe for you. We understand ideas from the world of IT, and are also aware of the inside rules. Thanks to this we will not only prepare the contract according to your wishes, but also advise what else should be included in it.

Do you work in IT?

The boss gave you a complicated contract made by a lawyer and you want to:


make sure you can use the code in your own projects or new job


have control over your code and make it available as open source


work in different projects simultaneously


start your own business in the future or change job

I’ll explain what the contract says, write a new one and negotiate it for you

Vendor Audit

You certainly use the services of other companies when working for your client, e.g. mail-email, hosting and even B2B (self-employed) employees. We will make sure that you work only with those who certainly follow the GDPR. Thanks to this, the customer will not resign from your services or get a penalty for GDPR.

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