E-commerce & Web

Make Your online shop legal in every inch with us. Don’t bother yourself with Terms & Conditions, GDPR, cookie-wall, let us take care of You and your business!

Terms & Conditions

T&C for every online business – shop, page, portal etc

Shop, webpage, newsletter have to have T&C, that’s mandatory but also necessary to run business. For our Clients we provide T&C written by profesionals – lawyers – made to their needs and market at which they operate – e.g. T&C can be different for B2B and B2C customers.

GDPR & Data privacy

Creation of adequate documentation and design of the website for GDPR

Whatever you’re doing, you need to implement GDPR nad other Data Privacy laws. We help you to create all the necessary documents, design your shop, portal, etc. from the IT side (fronted & backend), so that they are compatible with law and we implement them in practice in your company.


We prepare the required information to be displayed to the user

Legislation imposes various notices, without which the company is exposed to damage. We develop notices required by Polish and EU regulations.


Have a question? Call or write and set up a meeting (RL or online) and ask!

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